Do you own a business that supplies engineering, construction or professional services to major infrastructure projects?

Do some of these problems sound familiar?
You work unrealistic hours to overcome capacity constraints
Most of your work comes from tenders, ramping up your cost of business and elevating your levels of risk
Increasing competition from international operators is drying up your traditional revenue channels
You struggle to deliver a compelling and differentiating pitch for work so your win rate is lower than it should be

Insights with clear practical advice

By working alongside many businesses similar to yours we’ve observed common patterns and forces that work against you achieving genuine sustainable growth – it doesn’t matter if you are a sole operator or a larger multi-partner firm.

By downloading our guide, you’ll have access to some key insights and practical advice that will help you start to unlock solutions to the challenges being faced.

Some of the topics include:

  • Building real sustainable and scalable capacity
  • How to increase your chances of winning the tender game
  • Positioning and winning higher value business
  • Converting value in the business into a personal wealth asset

Peter Wilkinson

About the author

My experience in this sector spans over 25 years, working in roles as a consulting engineer, project advisor, executive manager and in recent years as an SME business coach.

Business, like many of life’s challenges, is all about luck. Successful business people implement the right business model, work hard and smart and are well prepared for when they get lucky”.

For most small to mid sized businesses competing for project work, they are forced into an environment where they are usually small fish in a very large pond. While potentially a hostile environment and one where most business owners feel a lack of power in the supplier relationship, these lucky breaks are constantly bubbling away.

As a business coach specialising in this sector (working on both sides of the fence), I have a unique perspective that will genuinely provide you with practical insights to harness the opportunities in the sector, structure appropriately to benefit from them and build a business that scales and is sustainable into the future.